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Researching Buddha and Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link? involved organizing, scrutinizing and comparing the 423 proverbs of Buddha with the 595 proverbs of Solomon. This required analytical abilities at a level comparable to that of a professional mathematician. It also called for repeated assessments of the strength and credibility of different pieces of evidence to be presented in support of a hypothesis. The author’s experience as an expert witness in over a dozen major lawsuits proved most useful. Each of these lawsuits involved between 500 and 1,500 hours of billable time. Serving as an expert witness who is a mathematician/statistician requires a high level of verbal skills and an ability to explain complex concepts in an understandable way. These are skills that the author had to improve throughout his 38 years of experience as a mathematician and management consultant.

Over the years the author had the good fortune to interrelate extensively with people of different religions in a very constructive way. For the past eleven years he has worked with an Israeli physicist (Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D.) in examining claims that there are extensive codes in the Hebrew Bible. In preparing the proposed book, he worked with a Buddhist lama who critiqued references to Buddhism in the book’s Buddha/Jesus comparative reviews. The author lives in a town of 20,000 which is home to 3,000 Buddhists. Some have become good friends.

This book also grew out of the author’s interest in Biblical studies, which began 38 years ago. For example, eighteen years ago he completed a topical rearrangement of the entire book of Proverbs. This was an invaluable resource in preparing the book.

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  1. Very interesting. I have not had the opportunity to read this book however I find its premise utterly intriguing. I will be purchasing a copy for myself as soon as I catch up on some other reading.

  2. Great blog! I’ve read a few pages, and I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I’m a Buddhist, former Christian, and have been trying to explain to friends and family the similarities and differences so they can better understand.
    My one question is, do you have the…. thing that let’s you follow a person’s blog, and I just couldn’t find it? I’d like to know when you write more.

  3. Thank you for your comments and your interest. The RSS feed symbol is on the home page of the blog at the top of the right hand column. Just click on it to follow the blog.

  4. I just came across your page. Fascinating work! I have a quick question, and admit I have not read much of your work yet. When there are common quotes from Buddha and Jesus is it possible that they were not from Buddha given that we don’t know when Buddha’s quotes were written? They could have been written after the life of Christ when Christians went to Asia. Then they were incorporated into the teachings of Buddha. I am thinking in particular, the story of the prodigal son. (I realize that the endings of the same story are not the same, but still they are so similar.)

  5. Although prima facie it seems a honest attempt to compare thes two religious geniuses, it seems to have a christian bias. Like when you write on meditation that causes depresion and panic attack. Also Jesus and Buddha are differently perceived in different sects so this attepts lacks this very impotant fact – there is no Jesus and Buddha, but there are only diferent interpretations. Giving few of then and then giving an general summary would be a more sincere approach. All best

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