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    By a Christian Author

    Wisdom 365

    Wisdom 365: Daily Buddha and Daily Solomon

    by R. E. Sherman

    Embark on an uplifting journey. Topically arranged readings for everyday by two of the wisest men in history, which include all of the Buddha's Dhammapada proverbs.

    Amazon price $12.56

    Buddha and Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link?

    by R. E. Sherman

    Presents a new argument for the commonalities between Buddha's proverbs and Jesus' teaching.

    Amazon price $12.59

    The Lotus and the Cross: Jesus Talks with Buddha

    by Ravi Zacharias

    Presents an illuminating fictional dialogue between Jesus and Buddha.

    Amazon price $9.12

    The Buddha and the Christ: Reciprocal Views

    by Ernest Valea

    A scholarly, respectful comparison.

    Amazon price $15.99

    Sharing Your Faith with a Buddhist

    by Madasamy Thirumalai

    A fact-filled book by a professor of world religions at Bethany College of Missions in Minneapolis.

    Read our description/review.

    Amazon price $16.00

    Asia's Religions: Christianity's Momentous Encounter with Paganism

    by Lit-Sen Chang

    A survey of several major world religions by a Chinese apologist and scholar in Asian philosophy.

    Read our description/review.

    Retail price $17.00. Amazon price $16.57

    From Buddha to Jesus: An Insider's View of Buddhism & Christianity

    by Steve Cioccolanti

    An easy-to-read, insightul book by a Thai pastor of a large church in Australia who was raised among immediate family members who were Buddhists, Christians and Muslims.

    Retail $13.99. Amazon price $11.41

    By a Buddhist Author

    Becoming Enlightened

    by His Holiness the Dalai Lama (edited by Jeffrey Hopkins, Ph.D.)

    A guide by the Dalai Lama on key steps to seeking enlightenment via Buddhism.

    Read our description/review.

    Retail price $15.00. Amazon price $10.20

    Living Buddha, Living Christ

    by Thich Nhat Hanh

    A bestseller by a Vietnamese Buddhist lama who attempts to demonstrate widespread similarities between Buddhism and Christianity. However, the Christianity he is referring to is a very liberal, virtually New Age version.

    Read our description/review.

    Retail price $20.00. Amazon price $13.60

    In the Buddha's Words: An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon (Teachings of the Buddha)

    by Bhikkhu Bodhi

    An excellent survey of Buddha's writings on a very broad range of topics.

    Retail price $18.95. Amazon price $12.89

    Buddhism for Dummies

    by Jonathan Landaw and Stephan Bodian

    An easy-to-read primer.

    Read our description/review.

    Retail price $21.99. Amazon price $14.95

    The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Liberation by Hearing in the Intermediate States

    edited by Graham Coleman, Thupten Jinpa, and translated by Gyurme Dorje.

    A comprehensive, foundational book on Buddhist beliefs and practices regarding death and dying.

    Retail price $21.99. Amazon price $14.95

    By Authors Empathetic to Buddhism

    Jesus & Buddha: The Parallel Sayings

    by Marcus Borg

    An extensive compilation of similar sayings which ignores virtually all major differences between the two religions.

    Read our description/review.

    Retail price $17.95. Amazon price $12.21

    The Religions of Man

    by Huston Smith

    A long-standing classic consisting of well-written, sympathetic descriptions of several major world religions.

    This edition is out of print. Used copies are available for $6.00 from various dealers through Amazon.

    Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Lao Tzu: The Parallel Sayings (The Common Teachings of Four World Religions)

    edited by Richard Hooper

    An extensive compilation of similar sayings which ignores virtually all major differences between the two religions.

    Retail price $22.95. Amazon price $15.61

    Skeptical/Critical Books About Buddhism

    Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History of a Lost Land

    by Patrick French

    A respected British journalist's fascinating account of his extensive investigation of the unique characteristics of life in Tibet, and among the Tibetan government in exile at Dharamsala, India, in the 1990s.

    Read our description/review.

    Retail price $17.95. Amazon price $12.44

    Buddha's Not Smiling: Uncovering Corruption at the Heart of Tibetan Buddhism Today

    by Erik D. Curren

    A devastating exposé of widespread corruption within Tibetan Buddhism in recent years.

    Read our description/review.

    Amazon price $19.95

    Rogues in Robes: An Inside Chronicle of a Recent Chinese-Tibetan Intrigue in the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Diamond Way Buddhism

    by Tomek Lehnert

    An astonishing exposé of the brutal in-fighting between different Buddhist sects in their struggle for power over one another.

    Read our description/review.

    Amazon price $16.95

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