2011 Book: Buddha & Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link?

Was Buddha (525 B.C.) significantly influenced by Solomon's (950 B.C.) ethics and approach to spiritual formation as he developed his new religion? If he was, this could explain the numerous similarities between the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. An extensive, topically arranged, side-by-side review of similarities and contrasts in the teachings of Jesus and Buddha is also presented. This book also provides a quick way for Westerners to comprehend Buddhism.

Seven comparative reasons are presented that support the plausibility of the book's hypothesis. The number of parallels are very extensive and intriguing.

Numerous historical reasons why this Solomon-Buddha hypothesis is plausible are also covered. That there was much trade and contact between the middle East and India during the 400 years between the lives of Solomon and Buddha is very likely. The book surveys a range of sources supporting this possibility.

Side-by-side comparisons of Buddha and Jesus are presented separately by topic: ethics, spirituality, metaphysics, theology, sin and evil, liberation, accessibility to liberation, one way or many paths, and views of one another. Answers to frequently asked questions cover parallels in Christianity of Buddha's Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path, differences between Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism, differences between conservative and liberal Christians, can a liberal Christian also be a Buddhist, and ways that hypocrisy is a problem in both religions.

One of the greatest impediments to Westerners understanding Buddhism is the notion that it arose independently as a totally Eastern religion. Even if the Solomon-Buddha hypothesis of this book has no validity, it still has great value in helping those with a Judeo-Christian background to grasp Buddhism. You start with Solomon's writings, minus any references to God, assume reincarnation, renounce the world and retreat within to insulate yourself against suffering.

Read a review of Buddha and Jesus in The Daily Tidings, Ashland, OR, April 23, 2012, or order your copy now.

About the Author

Researching this book involved organizing, scrutinizing and comparing the 423 proverbs of Buddha with the 595 proverbs of Solomon. This required analytical abilities at a level comparable to that of a professional mathematician. It also called for repeated assessments of the strength and credibility of different pieces of evidence to be presented in support of a hypothesis. The author's experience as an expert witness in over a dozen major lawsuits proved most useful. Each of these lawsuits involved between 500 and 1,500 hours of billable time. Serving as an expert witness who is a mathematician/statistician requires a high level of verbal skills and an ability to explain complex concepts in an understandable way. These are skills that the author had to improve throughout his 38 years of experience as a mathematician and management consultant.

Over the years the author had the good fortune to interrelate extensively with people of different religions in a very constructive way. For the past eleven years he has worked with an Israeli physicist (Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D.) in examining claims that there are extensive codes in the Hebrew Bible. In preparing the proposed book, he worked with a Buddhist lama who critiqued references to Buddhism in the book's Buddha/Jesus comparative reviews. The author lives in a town of 20,000 which is home to 3,000 Buddhists. Some have become good friends.

This book also grew out of the author's interest in Biblical studies, which began 38 years ago. For example, eighteen years ago he completed a topical rearrangement of the entire book of Proverbs. This was an invaluable resource in preparing the book.
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