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Captivating and Substantive

Buddha and Jesus is a captivating and substantive book that makes Buddha more accessible to Westerners. It challenges the longstanding belief that Buddha drew his great wisdom entirely from deep within himself by prolonged, intense meditation. Instead, the author proposes that Buddha's real genius involved blending the ethics and wisdom of Solomon (who lived 400 years earlier) with Jainism, a resistance movement to Hinduism. The author presents a strong case for this possibility.

The author takes a respectful, impartial approach to illuminating each of these two paths, yet neither religion is spared an incisive critique of its strengths and weaknesses.

It provides a handy, well-organized guide to people wanting to learn more about either or both of these spiritual paths. As a scientist who has authored dozens of publications and peer reviewed many articles, I am impressed with the thoroughness and documentation of this book, and the even-handedness of the author in presenting and commenting on over one hundred illuminating, side-by-side comparisons.

—D.L. Ph.D., Oregon, Retired Professor

An Even-Minded Discussion of Ultimately Important Issues

If you want to read how a gentleman compares and contrasts Buddhism and Christianity, then by all means settle your eyes on Buddha and Jesus: Could Solomon be the Missing Link? by R.E. Sherman. First, he is respectful. Second, he is objectively thorough. In an apologetic religious world (one of attacking and defending) it is refreshing to read an even-minded discussion of ultimately important issues. I think both Buddha and Jesus would agree that Sherman has done it.

D.W., Ph.D., Oregon, Retired Professor

An In Depth, Even-Handed Comparison

Despite many years in publishing I have never seen an irenic comparison between Buddha and Jesus. Sherman provides the most exhaustive, even-handed comparison I can imagine reading, with an abundance of footnotes revealing thorough research.

For me the most fascinating possibility is that Buddha gained many of his insights from Hebrew scriptures (Solomonic writings), brought hundreds of years before Buddha's birth by immigrants from Israel to the valley where Buddha grew up.

L.S., North Carolina, Book Agent

A Convincing Contrast is Made

The research that went into this book is mind-boggling.

Both Christianity and Buddhism have many teaching points in common, and yet they are not the same. Buddha & Jesus allows the reader to make his/her own conclusion as to which path is right.

After digging into this book, I am convinced Sherman has exposed details I would not have thought to investigate until now. For those who are curious about the underpinnings of either Buddhism or Christianity, this book will answer deep and important questions related to personal faith.

M.M., Portland, OR, Author

A Credible Hypothesis and Thorough Investigation

Biblical reference to the writing of Solomon's Proverbs and documentation placing the first Jewish colony in India before Buddha's birth offer enough circumstantial evidence that Buddha might have come into contact with the wisdom of Solomon.

I found the side-by-side comparison tables to be particularly helpful in evaluating similarities and differences between Buddhism and Christianity.

C.T., Los Angeles, IT Manager

An Inside Look at Buddha and Jesus

This book, like inside information to a stockbroker, is a guide to anyone evaluating Buddhism and Christianity.

Sherman provides clarification of precisely what Buddhism and Christianity offer their respective followers, using exact side by side comparisons and a keen examination of the spiritual strings that intertwine Moses, Solomon, Buddha and Jesus.

Although similarities between Christianity and Buddhism are abundant, this book illuminates three major points of divergence:

  1. A personal interactive relationship with God,
    or a deep introspective meditation with one's self.

  2. A faith based in God and compassion for others,
    or self-discipline, doing good works and thinking good thoughts.

  3. The forgiveness and grace of God,
    or having to work out the karma of this and past lives.
A broad, detailed and fully documented comparison of these two religions is at one's fingertips.

D.Z., Oregon, Chess Master
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